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Parameters of tower crane QTZ500 (H8522)

Max. Lifting Load: 20T
Model Number: H8522
Warranty: 12 Months for machinery warranty| 1 Year for Core Components

Customization: Customized logo (Min. Order: 1 Sets)
Customization: Customized packaging (Min. Order: 1 Sets)
Customization: Graphic customization (Min. Order: 1 Sets)


Quick Details

Model: QTZ500 (H8522) Type: Topless Tower Crane
Max. Load: 20t Jib length: 85m
Load at jib end: 2.2t Foundation: fixed
Mast section size: 2.5*2.5*5.95m Main chord: ∠180*180*18 Deduction
Free standing: 73m Max. Standing: 263m
Warranty time: 12 month Name brand: DAHAN
Installation support: Can send one engineer to help for installation After-sales service outlets: Turkey, Viet Nam, Philippines, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Kenya, Argentina, South Korea, Chile, UAE, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan Tajikistan, Cyprus
Showroom: Kenya, China Certificate: CE, ISO, EAC, SGS

Packaging & Delivery

Mode of shipment: Railway transport, Shipping transport
Single package weight: 3,500 kg
Total volume: 250 m³

Video Description


Product advantage:

The Steel Structure with Long Lifespan and High Safety The flat-top tower crane is designed without any pull rod so as to reduce the height of the tower top and meet the requirements on different work sites. Especially suitable for disassembling and assembling on restricted construction sites or during the multi-tower cross operation The height difference between tower bodies can be reduced to save much space and cost.


  • Trolleying Mechanism

    Variable frequency speed regulation, stable and reliable starting and braking Low maintenance rate gear reducer The operation efficiency is 10% higher than that of ordinary trolleybus.

  • Hook

    Increase the weight of the hook, effectively improve the rope lining effect during lifting; adopt new structure to prevent the hook pulley from falling off, completely solve the problem of rope falling off. A movable joint is added between the hook plate and the cross beam to facilitate the hook operation.

  • Hoisting Mechanism

    Speed regulation mode: variable frequency motor speed regulation, The reducer adopts f610 type, and the improvement effect is obvious; Brake: the brake is Jiaozuo brand. Wheels are made of cast steel. Dynamic balance test. Reliable, safe and durable braking; Steel wire rope: long service life, high safety and low maintenance cost

  • Electric Box

    The electrical control system design uses the European advanced frequency conversion + PLC + heavy-duty plug-in electrical control box design system, which is simple, easy to install and disassemble improve work efficiency.

  • Trolley

    A semi-circular protective ring is added to the lower part of the sports car pulley, which fundamentally solve the wire rope groove failure caused by high-speed lifting during the turning process.

  • Mast section

    Overall processing after welding, high connection accuracy, more effortless disassembly; Each section is equipped with a rest platform, which is convenient for disassembling the pins, and the inclined aluminum alloy ladder makes climbing safer and labor-saving.

  • Cabin

    Convenient installation, low operation cost and long service life of products

  • Telescopic

    The frame, lifting cylinder and lifting beam have been assembled before leaving the factory, which can be directly hoisted on site

  • Hydraulic Jacking Mechanism

    The mechanism and the jacking system have been refueled, the wire rope has been wound, and the tower crane is ready for use; saving on-site installation costs.

  • Safety protection device

    The weight limiter and torque limiter adopt a tension ring structure. Lifting, slewing, and trolleying limiter adopts cast aluminum casing with long service life, and adopts products from Guiyang Electric Control Factory.





Dahan Technology Co, Ltd. is committed as a professional manufacturer of tower cranes and construction hoists. Our firm has manufactured and sold over 50 thousand sets of tower cranes and construction hoists. Products exported to over 50 countries and regions. Our product portfolio comprises 4 main series and over 60 types of products, such as high-top tower cranes, flat-top tower cranes, luffing jib tower cranes and construction hoists. All products come with ISO, CE, and other certificates.






Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are factory

Q : How about the installation?
A: We can send one engineer to your site for installing and inspect

Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally 7-15 days after advance payment.

Q: 4.How many countries have you been send?
A: About 30 countries.

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